4 thoughts on “ข่าวประชาสัมพันธ์ของบริษัท SHRIRO

  1. I will stay at home with hubby and babysit our 2 grandchildren so their parents can go out and make New Year's memories. I am a GFC follower and a fan on FB. su.btomb(ae)gmailzcom

  2. Well, no more feeling guilty. The sod is completly removed and awaiting being transported from the backyard. The edging is put in and I “thought” I could get away with some of the bagged soil. I thought wrong….needless to say I think I need a trailer full to spread. But, I’m getting more excited to see the project completed It is going to look really good. I just appreciate you and Wendy helping me with getting an idea. Finally made a contribution to making it our home.

  3. Je vais me permettre une remarque qui n’a aucun rapport avec le fond de l’article:Les graphiques que vous utilisez sont presque aussi imposants que la dette publique US ! Attention, votre prose intéressante n’est pas accessible (sauf grosse patience) aux petits porteurs oops débits.Sur le fond, analyse rendue un peu moins complexe par la lecture de vos billets précédents, nous – vos lecteurs – progressons, merci !

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